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The readers who are not fluent in Dutch are invited to come to visit the English site about Jeshuaism and Jeshuaists.

Jeshuaism is the name that covers the Abrahamic and Messianic faith-group of those that follow the Nazarene Jewish rebbe Jeshua and continue to spread his message to the world.
All over the world can be found people who still worship the same Only One True God that this rebbe came to declare to the world. Such people want to unite as brothers and sisters in Christ, taking Jeshua (or Jesus Christ) as the chief cornerstone of their community. The people belonging to the fifth or sixth house of Christendom, which is called Jeshuaism, accept Jeshua as the son of God and the sent one from God who came to bring salvation for all people, him being the long awaited Messiah.

You are welcome here to read the Dutch articles, but you are also welcome to come to the website in the English language: Jeshuaists